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I went to my friends’ fight on the 10th of March and all the spectators could not believe the way referees and judges were taking away points of our team so I decided to research on the girls’ and trainer’s opinion on it. Both of the girls gave me their honest opinion and although it didn’t match to their trainer’s I wanted to give them the opportunity to give their stance as they gave their best in those trainings as well as the competition. Beforehand I wanted to include another person, their head captain Gazza, but as he was in the competition and his fights took place almost at the same time as the girls’ he did not see theirs. Therefore, we both decided his interview wouldn’t be of any relevance, as it was only concentrated on their performance in the fight, not one in trainings which he witnessed.

I limited myself to three interviewees, as all three of them are some sort of professionals in this area. Also by doing vox pop with other friends who were present, they would only repeat how the fight was unfair, and the girls were more precise, giving reasons for points being taken away from them. Other limitations was time of the feature, I have already made it longer but I wanted to include few more details. Buyi, the youngest competitor, was talking more on how she kicked the girl on the head which would be allowed in Muay thai judging. That was quite a moment during the fight itself, but as I concentrated more on the partiality, I didn’t include whole of that part of our conversation. Also, the trainer had literally 2 minutes of his time to dedicate to me, as he was in a hurry after the training, which I very much appreciated. On the bright side, few seconds in the beginning of the clip was a part of their training, so I didn’t have issues with copyright material. I was glad I was there early so I could decide with Gazza whether or not to interview him and plead the trainer to give me his point of view. I am very thankful I have used this experience and grateful to the guys for the interviews.