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It was my first time to experience Chinese New Year in London and I wanted to find out public opinion and compare it to my own.

What I struggled with was finding Chinese people to interview, because although it was crowded, you could see British people and internationals walking down the streets of Chinatown. The man selling the pastry was British, and the presenters called out nationalities around the world right at the beginning of the ceremony. I realised I was lucky for appearing on the spot early, as after 11 the security guards weren’t letting anyone close to the main stage.

Main flaws that prevented the footage to be perfect was the weather, which also meant not everyone would stop to answer the questions. Also my idea was to interview security guards and talk myself in order to make it a news story, but they weren’t allowed to do it during the working hours, and because of the rain, surrounding music and packed space at Trafalgar square, I wouldn’t be able to do it in a professional manner.

On the other side, I used the approachability of the people to interview some about their culture and differences between celebrating it in London and somewhere else. Miss Yang’s correspondence helped me develop that part of journalistic story. The other advantage was the footage I had from the celebration night and music from the place which made me not worry about the copyright and make different approaches to the story, so writing a script for voiceover wasn’t an issue.

All in all, looking forward to next year when, now knowing more about the culture, I will know what to look for and experience it from another angle.