I will be doing my footage on Chinese New Year this Sunday in Chinatown. I came up with the idea as in my flat there is plenty of Chinese people and by realising how they give more importance to Chinese NY and how their celebrations differ from the ones we did before 31st of December, I started asking questions about their customs and doing a bit of research myself. Last year’s celebrations have shown to be crowded so we tend to come to Trafalgar square before 11 on SUnday.

As I will be doing a news story I want to appear at the beginning of sequence emphasising how important is this occasion for Chinese, being the fourth largest group in London. According to the timetable, Dotting of the Eye is the biggest ceremony of the day, so I hope to get a gist of that through the crowd. Crowds on the streets and fact that I probably won’t be able to take details of the interviewees I want to use for the vox pop I find biggest issues. Regarding my vox pop, I want to find out the differences of celebrating this event in London and back in CHina, which will vary depending if the person is here for the first time, they might not know anything about the British way of celebration.

On this blog , I found interesting facts on the customs, features of people born in the year of Snake, Nian the mythical monster, why are drums and firecrackers inevitable. Therefore in the vox pop I may ask people do they know that people born in the Year of Snake tend to be intuitive and logical as well as that red colour and firecrackers are used to scare away the mythical beast.

Hopefully, I will get some footage on the street dancers and singers from Chinese provinces and on the fireworks displayed around 6pm and sum it up with opinions if the public was satisfied and did the London celebration reach their expectations.