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Glee lovers couldn’t be happier. Mean Girls fans would enjoy the Bellas in action. High School Musical crazies can see the pattern too. Peaking at No.3 at the Box Office and being rated 7.2 at IMDb, it must go beyond the average teenage romcom. And it does.

Starring with newly discovered actors Anna Kendrick (What to Expect When you are Expecting) and Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids) you already know you can expect a laugh. One too skinny, another calls herself Fat Amy, a lesbian, a possible serial killer and an eye-rolling rebel. With a pushy leader driving the girls crazy and a love story breaching off the rival groups you could see the clash with the pattern of cheesy comedies.

The musical part joint with the singing practices has clearly been seen in Glee. Paced in a similar way and with a clue of the happy ending, audience might squint for a while. On the brighter side, it is much funnier and mean leading roles who end up sharing their quirky background glue you to see the rest of the movie. Rebel Wilson steals every scene she’s in, Anna Kendrick shows the typical girl with the issues, struggling with adult life issues and dealing with them in a hilarious way. Performing mishaps make you chuckle and the plot around the love story isn’t as predictable as it seems from the beginning.

Even if you are not keen on musicals or romcoms, this movie is just impossible to hate. This praise to the weirdos is an immediate source of joy with 21st century issues treated in a funny way and performances which hit the spot. Truly recommended to engage yourself in your laid-back time.

For a gist of a movie, here it is the trailer to Pitch Perfect.