“Adding to that history part, winning it three times in a row, it’s incredible. It’s very thrilling.” said Djokovic after winning over Andy Murray in Melbourne on Sunday afternoon. The Serb has used the advantage of Murray foot injury, taking advance after Murray won the first set. Pushed all the way, what gave him the edge in this game was grabbing the tie-break. There were insinuations how the foot injury was a prevailing factor for Djokovic’s victory, denied by the Brit: “It had no bearing on the result.”

Losing the first set was the wake-up call for Novak, who then became more aggressive, coming closer to the net and taking more risks in the sets to come. His strength and physicality have shown to be the key to this victory, as emphasized by Channel 4 sport critics, saying “Djokovic’s sport athletic power Murray just couldn’t match’. He adds how the winner was unbeatable by Murray, as he was ‘defensive on the baseline’, confirming his strength and ability to turn this match to his side. Catlike features of the Serb confirmed once again why he returned to be the number one in the world of tennis, leaving him with no worries about the upcoming French open.