Two way between Maja Scepanovic and David Spencer


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Looking at the headlines from Daily Telegraph, where the front page addresses child obesity.
Then passing onto the Business section showing optimism regarding employment
Finally finishing off with the light topic from the headline of Daily Mirror and Tv Critic on The Voice fading fast



Issue of impartiality in Muay Thai competition


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I went to my friends’ fight on the 10th of March and all the spectators could not believe the way referees and judges were taking away points of our team so I decided to research on the girls’ and trainer’s opinion on it. Both of the girls gave me their honest opinion and although it didn’t match to their trainer’s I wanted to give them the opportunity to give their stance as they gave their best in those trainings as well as the competition. Beforehand I wanted to include another person, their head captain Gazza, but as he was in the competition and his fights took place almost at the same time as the girls’ he did not see theirs. Therefore, we both decided his interview wouldn’t be of any relevance, as it was only concentrated on their performance in the fight, not one in trainings which he witnessed.

I limited myself to three interviewees, as all three of them are some sort of professionals in this area. Also by doing vox pop with other friends who were present, they would only repeat how the fight was unfair, and the girls were more precise, giving reasons for points being taken away from them. Other limitations was time of the feature, I have already made it longer but I wanted to include few more details. Buyi, the youngest competitor, was talking more on how she kicked the girl on the head which would be allowed in Muay thai judging. That was quite a moment during the fight itself, but as I concentrated more on the partiality, I didn’t include whole of that part of our conversation. Also, the trainer had literally 2 minutes of his time to dedicate to me, as he was in a hurry after the training, which I very much appreciated. On the bright side, few seconds in the beginning of the clip was a part of their training, so I didn’t have issues with copyright material. I was glad I was there early so I could decide with Gazza whether or not to interview him and plead the trainer to give me his point of view. I am very thankful I have used this experience and grateful to the guys for the interviews.


Chinese New Year 2013 celebration in London


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It was my first time to experience Chinese New Year in London and I wanted to find out public opinion and compare it to my own.

What I struggled with was finding Chinese people to interview, because although it was crowded, you could see British people and internationals walking down the streets of Chinatown. The man selling the pastry was British, and the presenters called out nationalities around the world right at the beginning of the ceremony. I realised I was lucky for appearing on the spot early, as after 11 the security guards weren’t letting anyone close to the main stage.

Main flaws that prevented the footage to be perfect was the weather, which also meant not everyone would stop to answer the questions. Also my idea was to interview security guards and talk myself in order to make it a news story, but they weren’t allowed to do it during the working hours, and because of the rain, surrounding music and packed space at Trafalgar square, I wouldn’t be able to do it in a professional manner.

On the other side, I used the approachability of the people to interview some about their culture and differences between celebrating it in London and somewhere else. Miss Yang’s correspondence helped me develop that part of journalistic story. The other advantage was the footage I had from the celebration night and music from the place which made me not worry about the copyright and make different approaches to the story, so writing a script for voiceover wasn’t an issue.

All in all, looking forward to next year when, now knowing more about the culture, I will know what to look for and experience it from another angle.

Chinese New Year preparation


I will be doing my footage on Chinese New Year this Sunday in Chinatown. I came up with the idea as in my flat there is plenty of Chinese people and by realising how they give more importance to Chinese NY and how their celebrations differ from the ones we did before 31st of December, I started asking questions about their customs and doing a bit of research myself. Last year’s celebrations have shown to be crowded so we tend to come to Trafalgar square before 11 on SUnday.

As I will be doing a news story I want to appear at the beginning of sequence emphasising how important is this occasion for Chinese, being the fourth largest group in London. According to the timetable, Dotting of the Eye is the biggest ceremony of the day, so I hope to get a gist of that through the crowd. Crowds on the streets and fact that I probably won’t be able to take details of the interviewees I want to use for the vox pop I find biggest issues. Regarding my vox pop, I want to find out the differences of celebrating this event in London and back in CHina, which will vary depending if the person is here for the first time, they might not know anything about the British way of celebration.

On this blog , I found interesting facts on the customs, features of people born in the year of Snake, Nian the mythical monster, why are drums and firecrackers inevitable. Therefore in the vox pop I may ask people do they know that people born in the Year of Snake tend to be intuitive and logical as well as that red colour and firecrackers are used to scare away the mythical beast.

Hopefully, I will get some footage on the street dancers and singers from Chinese provinces and on the fireworks displayed around 6pm and sum it up with opinions if the public was satisfied and did the London celebration reach their expectations.

Pitch Perfect-just another cheesy romcom?


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Glee lovers couldn’t be happier. Mean Girls fans would enjoy the Bellas in action. High School Musical crazies can see the pattern too. Peaking at No.3 at the Box Office and being rated 7.2 at IMDb, it must go beyond the average teenage romcom. And it does.

Starring with newly discovered actors Anna Kendrick (What to Expect When you are Expecting) and Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids) you already know you can expect a laugh. One too skinny, another calls herself Fat Amy, a lesbian, a possible serial killer and an eye-rolling rebel. With a pushy leader driving the girls crazy and a love story breaching off the rival groups you could see the clash with the pattern of cheesy comedies.

The musical part joint with the singing practices has clearly been seen in Glee. Paced in a similar way and with a clue of the happy ending, audience might squint for a while. On the brighter side, it is much funnier and mean leading roles who end up sharing their quirky background glue you to see the rest of the movie. Rebel Wilson steals every scene she’s in, Anna Kendrick shows the typical girl with the issues, struggling with adult life issues and dealing with them in a hilarious way. Performing mishaps make you chuckle and the plot around the love story isn’t as predictable as it seems from the beginning.

Even if you are not keen on musicals or romcoms, this movie is just impossible to hate. This praise to the weirdos is an immediate source of joy with 21st century issues treated in a funny way and performances which hit the spot. Truly recommended to engage yourself in your laid-back time.

For a gist of a movie, here it is the trailer to Pitch Perfect.


Djokovic’s physicality helps him win AUS Open third time in a row

“Adding to that history part, winning it three times in a row, it’s incredible. It’s very thrilling.” said Djokovic after winning over Andy Murray in Melbourne on Sunday afternoon. The Serb has used the advantage of Murray foot injury, taking advance after Murray won the first set. Pushed all the way, what gave him the edge in this game was grabbing the tie-break. There were insinuations how the foot injury was a prevailing factor for Djokovic’s victory, denied by the Brit: “It had no bearing on the result.”

Losing the first set was the wake-up call for Novak, who then became more aggressive, coming closer to the net and taking more risks in the sets to come. His strength and physicality have shown to be the key to this victory, as emphasized by Channel 4 sport critics, saying “Djokovic’s sport athletic power Murray just couldn’t match’. He adds how the winner was unbeatable by Murray, as he was ‘defensive on the baseline’, confirming his strength and ability to turn this match to his side. Catlike features of the Serb confirmed once again why he returned to be the number one in the world of tennis, leaving him with no worries about the upcoming French open.